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Jazz, Spirituality, and Inclusivity Eps. 5

Jazz, Spirituality, and Inclusivity Eps. 5

Nelson Boschman's Journey of Living from the Heart
Nelson Boschman

Episode Summary

In this episode of the SoulStream "Living from the Heart" podcast, Deb Arndt has a heartfelt conversation with Nelson Boschman, a writer, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, jazz musician, and pastor from Vancouver, BC. Nelson co-facilitates the Living from the Heart course and is deeply passionate about contemplative living, community, and the transformative power of love.

Nelson shares his journey of integrating spiritual direction into his work as a pastor and his commitment to living from the heart. He emphasizes the importance of understanding God as a relationship, rooted in love, and how this theological grounding shapes his approach to life and ministry. Nelson also discusses the challenges and joys of being a pastor, particularly the decision to make his church fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals, a move that led to their departure from their original denomination.

Drawing parallels between jazz music and spiritual living, Nelson beautifully describes living from the heart as a dynamic, relational, and creative process. His story is an inspiring testament to the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and the ongoing journey of deepening one's connection with God and others.

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Nelson Boschman October 2012

The way of the heart is like a jazz combo that is swinging like nobody’s business. The pulse is unified, in sync, but not mechanical. The rhythm feels like a tidal pool – there is ebb and flow, but that’s because it’s natural.

The way of the heart takes intentionality and effort, as well as practice, but God, like a solid bandmate, will always be present: alive and active, swinging, giving it their all, even if––and perhaps especially when––I’m not at my best.

The way of the heart gives me permission to explore new territory, write new melodies, ask questions, take risks, to try new things without fear; but always in deference to the tune––to how I’m truly wired, to how my life is meant to sound.

Jesus is the bandleader, but I never feel less-than. The group isn’t quite complete without me. He lets me call tunes sometimes, but he always counts us in. (He always knows the exact tempo I want to play it in anyway.)

The way of the heart is the joy of making music with the Creator. It’s not about pretense or achievement or performance. It’s about both losing myself and finding myself in the song. It’s not duty, compliance, or something I have to do. It’s something I get to be part of, something that gives me life.

The way of the heart is playing a killer tune with the God of the universe.

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SoulStream, Living from the Heart
SoulStream, Living from the Heart Podcast
On the SoulStream “Living from the Heart” podcast, we explore encountering God personally, integrating body, soul, mind, and spirit to live authentically in Christ. We discuss becoming open to God’s presence, overcoming obstacles, embracing transformation into Jesus’ image, and cultivating supportive practices. Additionally, we delve into understanding prayer as responsive to the Holy Spirit, ancient practices, and living out contemplative prayer to love neighbors, care for the earth, and seek justice.